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News: 30.3.2005 MyBuddy Plugin

News: 18.3.2005 Release 1.5b18

News: 11.3.2005

News: 27.2.2005 featuring PERL for plugins

News: 25.2.2005 BenderIRC 1.5b16 available NOW

News: 14.1.2005 BenderIRC 1.5b14 available NOW

News: 18.12.2004 BenderIRC 1.5b13 available NOW

News: 16.12.2004 BenderIRC 1.5b6 available NOW

News: 11.12.2004 BenderIRC 1.5b6 available NOW

Benderirc view This is the BenderIRC Homepage. BenderIRC is an Amiga-Only IRC-Client. Bender offers you any common IRC command and a free designable GUI. This means you can make BenderIRC to look like Opus Magellan or WB 3.0 Gadtools, or Reaction. It`s full resizeable and uses custom fonts on request. Bender comes with a package of seperate DCC tools, to be independent from future changes and to offer you the option to use your own DCC routines or exchange the DCC-tool with a particularly adapted version for a specific remote client. Bender brings you a full featured IRC Bot and a seperate scripting language.

done by Cyborg

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