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Chapter Buttons
Benderirc config view
Take a look here to see a simple setup which works mostly with buttons. More complex configs can be found here Buttons can be easily defined:
  1. Press "Neues Button anlegen"
  2. choose a Name and enter it at Name
  3. choose a position, eidth and height of the button.
  4. If you wanne have a graphical button you have to enter two graphics:
    "Bild gedrueckt" for the DOWNGadgetimage,
    "Bild normal" for the UPgadgetimage.
  5. choose the textstring BenderIRC should process if you press this button. You can enter ANY text or command BenderIRC kowns.
    "This is a buttontest!" -BenderIRC would send this text to the channel.
    "/DCCSENDREQ %u" - BenderIRC would open a filerequester for a file sent to the selected user in the userlistgadget.
    %u means selected user, %c means actual channel. %c is needed for RAW commands to the server or nickinfo messages.
  6. press Update
  7. finished.
The cyclegadget shows all defined buttons.Relativ means relativ offsets for all four values ( remember -> borderrelativ offsets ).

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