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Chapter Misc 1
This compact menu lets you
  1. active timestamps in outputgadget and logfile
  2. define a debuglevel
  3. choose a Screenmode ( mode / width / height / deep )
  4. activate different customgadgets, like the Usercounter,Userliste, trafficcounter
  5. choose the window size and position relativ to the screen i.e. WB
  6. choose a backgroundimage
  7. choose the font to use.
  1. Timestamp show when which user said what.
  2. Debuglevel: 0 = default / no debugoutput. ( max = 10 )
  3. so far, you can only enter the hexdecimal code of the screenmodeid, will change, and enter the width Screenweite, height Screenhoehe and deep Screentiefe
  4. enable the trafficcounter by checking the box, specify the pos ( left / top ) and size ( width / height ) of the gadget. You don`t need this gadget.
  5. the userlistgadget shows which chatter is in your channel. You don`t need this gadget, BenderIRC works without it. The userlistgadget can be made relativ to the right / bottom borders. see above for more information.
  6. "Benutzerzähler" shows how much chatter are listed in this channel. Makes sense if not all fit in the userlistggadget. You don`t need this gadget.
  7. "Fenstermaße" sets the window position ( left / top ) and size ( width / height )
  8. This backgroundimage will the used in BenderIRC, if left blank you won`t get a background pattern. The image will not be scattered so use a big one on large screens.
  9. choose the fontname and size of your wanted font. if nothing is present, BenderIRC will use Topaz/8
Benderirc config view

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