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Chapter Misc 2
Benderirc config view
  • Lampe An: Image of burning lamp ( see screenshots )
    Lampe Aus: Image of unlit lamp
  • ( Links, Oben, Weite, Hoehe) -> ( left, top, width, height ) : position of the lamp image . This gadget is not relativly.
  • Login: Enter here the bots password to get access from a remote computer.
  • Logout: Password to close the bot, which means, you have to enable access again. This is needed because someone could steal the your nick.
  • Logfile: enter here the full path and filename of your logfile.
  • Downloadpfad: enter here the path to your downloadpath.
  • Channelliste: benderirc will store results of the list command "/LIST" here besides from showing the results.
  • DCC IP: set a fixed DCC IP here if you have one, or set you dynamic ip if you know it. normally you don`t need to do this because most servers tell you your ip and benderIRC extracts this information.
  • Port Bereich: enter the number of max simultanious download slots.
  • Start-Port: first port for dcc, add the port-range and you get the last port used.
    This information is needed for your router to forward the port to your amiga, thats how DCC works throu a router :)
  • Keine Farben: no colours in output gadget at all.
  • keine Farbe bei Notice: means no extra colours if a notice cames in or goes out (/notice)
  • keine Farben in Nachrichten: means no extra colours for messages ( same as for notice )
  • Querywindows: opens a window for each new query.
  • AutoAway: autoaway mode is activated on startup.
  • Security: if this is enabled, serval restrictions are enabled to stop others from hacking your client
    i.e. bot functions are sealed away.
  • RawLog: writes a rawlog with the normal logfile.
  • Plugins An: enables pluginsupport. If disabled you client is save from an external takeover via pluginport.
  • MotD: if enbaled skip MOTD Message on startup
  • Kein Autojoin: if enabled benderirc does not join a channel..
    usefull for a hidden bot or if you wanne join channel via startup script.
  • Nicks farbig: if enabled colors each nick with a seperate color.

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