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Chapter EmotIcons

i.e.ICON SEQ="LOL" file="sources:smiles/icon_twisted.gif"

You can use a replacement graphic for nearly any text which is written to the outputwindows! The given example would replace the text "LOL" with . You can have as many relacements in a line as you want, and as many replacement sequences , i.e. LOL , as your system can take.

You should define ":-))" before ":-)" or you get this ")" .

not really, but you have to keep in mind, that for a printed line all chars are matched against ALL sequences you have in your config!
This will slow down your client. I have app. 10 sequences defined in my test config and did not get a performance decrease , but that was not a high traffic test.
If you wanne build your own icons, the backgroundcolor should be $959595 => R=149 G=149 B=149 and it should be not greater than the used font.

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