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Chapter Serversetup

i.e. name=testchannel Server=irc.phat-net.de Nick=BenderIRC channel=#AmigaFun port=6667

The server settings. Ignore name for now. the rest should be self explaing

Relativemode *BETA*

You wanne have your gui resizeable?

RELATIVE work at the moment only for BUTTON. INPUT and OUTPUT use other systems:
set this gadget relative to a windowborder!

i.e. output X=5 Y=5 W=-5 H=-5 RELATIVEH RELATIVEW

will setup the outputgadget to be 5 pixels away from each windowborder. But: the resizing works typical only for the right and bottom border. Why? because you in/decrease window on the lower right corner.

more about serversetup

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done by Cyborg