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- Release 1.5 -
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screenshot Download Bender 1.5b18

It`s everytime a good idea to read history and docs before upgrading
screenshot Download MyBuddy 0.4

MyBuddy will be your Buddy... trust me ;)
Download Crypto-Plugin 0.1

Docs about reasons behind encrytion in IRC
screenshot Download ConfigTool

girlies it`s really beta.. pls use Bugzilla to report bugs.
FAQ: Why do I don't see images? you did not start it in the directory where depacked it.
Start it via WB or be in the right directory...
screenshot Download Picture_Plugin

This is the first version of picture_plugin. It shows a list of logged in users as gfx.
It`s like an icq "display" but with more gfx ;-)
Feel free to suggest features for it.
screenshot GUI First Theme from FiloU
screenshot GUI First Theme from MangaClub
screenshot GUI Mason`s GUI *beta*BenderMI
Mason`s GUI BenderMI
- some messages aren`t displayed in the right channelwindow 
- MOTD fixed
- DECCSENDREQ build.. now dccsend is useable for buttons..
- Configtool BASIC-Release ready...
- Fixed bug in downloadpath handling..
- added some new options
- background color changed to white , looks much better
- on startup, pp sends /ISON Requests to the server , 
  to see who is online even if not in channel
  this is usefull if you start it after you joined a channel..
- pp updates with every /ISON which is send, even if You used it.

done by Cyborg